Nuix investigate: giving investigators something to talk about

The Nuix July 2019 software release is a bit bigger, especially for our investigations customers, than just a set of features and functionality. While there are plenty of those to talk about, it’s one change that underscores our commitment to providing the very best software on the market to help investigators to do their work better.

We’d like to introduce Nuix Investigate®!



No, we haven’t built a brand-new product. What we’ve done is taken a long, hard look at our software portfolio and formalized what we’ve long known—namely, how perfect the software we used to call Nuix Web Review & Analytics is as a tool for a variety of investigations use cases.

We’ve made no secret of our intention as a company to be the world’s top provider of investigations and eDiscovery software. Legal teams, don’t fret! There’s plenty for you on the eDiscovery side, and some additional news coming in the next couple of months as well.

My focus is on investigations today, however, and I’m incredibly excited on behalf of the entire team to be writing this article. This is especially true because of the increased energy and attention on our law enforcement work, which we’re all so proud of because it helps make such a difference in the world.

So, what’s the big deal about a product name change, anyway? Nuix Investigate is more than just a review and analytics tool, as the previous name implied, as it allows investigations teams to quickly cull through data and work together to uncover hidden insights and relationships in connected data.

In addition, it allows:

  • Non-technical case investigators to collaboratively review and investigate key evidence
  • Forensic technicians interrogate data across people, objects, locations, and events
  • Technical analysts export, analyze, and review data to find relevant information and see links and connections within communications data.



Investigations succeed when everyone involved can work together to identify vital facts, people, and evidence sources. Forensic technicians need effective ways to interrogate data while case investigators want eyes on evidence quickly, so they can add context and examine leads.

We often hear investigators tell us their frustrations when it comes to sharing digital data with investigating officers. Usually, the digital forensic team is in a separate location from the investigations team, requiring the investigating officer to travel to view data, which is time-consuming and costly. And if the data doesn’t reveal any insights, it can be a wasted journey, not the best use of an officer’s time.

Nuix Investigate gives you a collaborative environment to share, search, and analyze case data anytime, from any web browser. Our powerful visualizations show you at a glance who the key players are and what they’re up to, so you can make faster and better-informed decisions.

Nuix Investigate provides the following benefits:

  • See the big picture, faster. Establish a case position sooner and identify the most influential suspects with a graphical analytical interface that shows who is talking to whom, what about, and how often—across many communication channels.
  • Save time and increase productivity. Conduct repetitive tasks repeatedly across multiple data sets, cases, locations, or systems to build clear insights as you drill deeper into the evidence.
  • Collaborate and share, securely. Investigators and other stakeholders can collaborate on case data and digital evidence and protect sensitive information with role-based access to data sets and product features.
  • Multi-language infrastructure. We have introduced a localization framework that enables us to build Nuix Investigate in different languages. We now have German and Japanese, as well as English, for all user interfaces and system messages, and the infrastructure in place to introduce more languages in the future.


We’re excited to continue building software that investigators and law enforcement agencies can trust to do the work they need to be done quickly and accurately.