Nuix & Slack: perform targeted Slack collections with an always-on collector

The Nuix Connector for Slack gives you control over how you collect and ingest Slack data – every thread, link, and emoji. Hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide use Slack for collaboration, enabling employees to converse, plan, and share files – while simultaneously creating a massive repository of messages and files. As this increases with more prevalent remote work and collaboration, connecting directly to Slack data from your eDiscovery and forensic investigation tools is of crucial importance.



The Nuix Connector for Slack, available on the Slack App Directory, combines powerful search with version tracking for targeted collections that reduce the risk of data spoliation, simplify evidence handoffs and underpin a fully defensible process. Save on time and costs associated with over-collection and get exactly the data you need for more informed strategy and decisions.



Collect anytime: Maintain a constant, always-on connection to Slack, collecting the timeliest user data – unlike performing Slack workspace exports, which are quickly out-of-date – for more accurate digital evidence

Manage risk: See when and where users add, remove or edit messages, conversations, reactions, and more, to identify and avoid data spoliation

Exclude irrelevant data: Configure the connector and target only Slack data that’s relevant to a case, collecting only what you need for ingestion into Nuix Workstation

Don't miss out on data: Go beyond email and documents to procure data from the places your employees collaborate most – messaging and meeting platforms

Thread, identify, collect: Preview and pre-filter only what you want to collect while maintaining conversation threading of the data once it’s collected, then process seamlessly into Nuix Workstation

Outside-the-org visibility: Collect from shared channels and from Slack user accounts outside your organization’s workspaces

Public or private conversations: Collect private conversations between two specific users, as well as from public or private channels

Learn the history: Get all the facts by collecting message history, including user-edited and user-deleted messages

Collect it all: From links and attachments to message reactions and emojis, the Nuix Collector for Slack can collect it all, ensuring you don’t miss the critical information you need for your case