Tackling the chaos of unstructured data using integrated link analysis

According to Research and Markets, “Graph Analytics will be a $6.9 Billion Market by 2028 from $1.14 Billion in 2022”. The global growth of Graph Analytics is so rapid because it adds an effective new way to understand important relationships in the avalanche of user-generated data. Until now, most graph analytics has been custom-built by data scientists and technical experts around structured, table-oriented data. Nuix now extends the advantages of Graph Analytics to unstructured data, marrying advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to graph automatically so knowledge experts can engage data relationships without the cost and expertise typically associated with Graph.


Graph analytics and unstructured data

With this growth, Nuix has joined forces with two pioneers in graph data link analysis technology - Memgraph and Linkurious - to provide our customers with better decision-making. At the core of this three-way partnership lies a deep appreciation for the unique strengths and capabilities each organization brings to the table. With this integration users can leverage graph data output with dynamic, interactive visualizations, providing a deep understanding of relationships and context in unstructured data.

“Our collective goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience. Through this partnership, we will amplify our ability to deliver seamless integration that makes it easier to deploy, and ensures a consistent, user-friendly experience for our customers,” said Oliver Harvey, EVP Customer Strategy & Innovation at Nuix.


What's included in the new partnership

The Nuix, Memgraph, Linkurious Partnership enables:

● Integrated, out-of-the-box graph analytics with best of breed technologies.

● Reduced operational costs by providing end-to-end data flows from ingestion to interactive Graph visualization.

● Automated, end-to-end, graph-based link analysis to be performed on unstructured datasets.

● Highest ROI with integrated technologies to speed time-to-value from weeks/months to minutes/hours.


“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative technology partnership with Nuix. Together, we will redefine industry standards and create immense value for our customers” said Sébastien Heymann, CEO and Co-Founder at Linkurious.

“This technology partnership represents just the beginning of an exciting journey” said Dominik Tomicevic, CEO of Memgraph. “Together, with Nuix and Linkurious, we will continue to explore new opportunities, expand our reach, and pursue ground-breaking innovations."