Unlock the full value of your Nuix investment with Nuix Automation

Discovery, investigation, and information governance often involve complex workflows that must complete consistently and repeatably. Traditional approaches – such as detailed process manuals, custom scripts, third-party applications or just staring at the progress bar – all have hidden costs in time, money, inconsistency, and potential for errors.
Nuix Automation is a web-based multi-user graphical tool that allows you to map out complex data processes across multiple activities and machines and let them run with minimal user input. It automates the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks that many Nuix users routinely perform, freeing up your team to focus on higher-value work and reducing the risk of skipped steps and costly rework. With Nuix Automation you can double your Nuix usage and optimize your team’s time and resources by automating workflows that can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Senior Principal Enterprise Architect Alex Chatzistamatis explores how Nuix Automation can help you achieve greater efficiencies, manage resource utilization, optimize processes, and shift priorities, all from a collaborative platform.