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Nuix Discover® Case Manager

The Nuix Discover® Case Manager is a hands-on certification course that teaches students to manage and administer cases in Nuix Discover including data processing, importing data, working with file repositories, creating and managing analysis tools including cubes and mines, exporting data and deleting data.  This course is designed for case management staff, review team leads, vendors, and litigation support professionals. During the Nuix Discover Case Manager course, students will learn:

  • Data processing and import
  • Data enrichment and imaging
  • General administration (such as managing workspaces and templates)
  • Manage groups and security
  • Configure cases for effective document review and manage document analysis tools
  • Create and manage productions
  • Report on review progress and statistics
  • Export and document deletion


Students will be enrolled in the Nuix Discover Case Manager exam.  Passing of the Nuix Discover Case Manager exam is a requisite for the Nuix Discover Master Certification.

For scheduling of private online training, or to answer any questions, please contact

Online Title
April 25-28
1:00-5:00 BST
May 17-18
9:00-5:00 CDT
July 19-20
9:00-5:00 CDT
August 2-3
9:00-5:00 AEST
August 22-25
1:00-5:00 BST