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Nuix Discover® End User Analytics

The Nuix Discover® End User Analytics one-day certification course focuses on advanced review tasks such as conducting review quality control, generating reports, and strategic data analysis to build a case or conduct an investigation.  This course is designed for those that have previous experience with Nuix Discover end-user functionality including advanced reviewers, paralegals, review team leads, case management staff, and litigation support professionals.


In this course, you will learn to:

  • Analyze document data using cubes.
  • Build and work with mines.
  • Perform conceptual review using maps.
  • Identify communication patterns using social network.
  • Understand predictive coding concepts and metrics.
  • Create populations and samples.
  • Configure training for Continuous Active Learning (CAL).
  • Assess review progress.

Each participant will be assigned a virtual machine to use during the duration of the training as this course includes hands-on lab activities. After completion of the Nuix Discover End User Analytics course, attendees will be enrolled in the exam. Passing the Nuix Discover End User Analytics exam is a requisite for the Nuix Discover Master Certification.

Nuix Discover End User Analytics - $1,000 USD. 


Nuix Discovery MASTER Bundle Packages:

Nuix Discovery Master Bundle: Registration for one attendee in each of the following courses: Nuix Discover End User, Nuix Discover End User Analytics, Nuix Discover Case Manager, and Nuix Discover Portal Administrator. $3,200 USD 
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