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Nuix Discover® Portal Administrator

The Nuix Discover® Portal Administrator is a  four-hour certification course designed for those who need to gain the skills to oversee a Nuix Discover portal, create cases and users, manage tenant organizations and gather important metrics about platform usage, hosted data and user activity.

This course is designed for IT staff, vendors, case management staff, and litigation support professionals. During the Nuix Discover Portal Administrator course, students will learn to:

  • Work with organizations
  • Create and manage cases
  • Generate reports
  • Manage notifications and job requests
  • Display error details


Students will be enrolled in the Nuix Discover Portal Administrator exam.  Passing of the Nuix Discover Portal Administrator exam is a requisite for the Nuix Discover Master Certification.

For scheduling of private online training, or to answer any questions, please contact

Online Title
July 14
1:00-5:00 CDT
July 28
9:00-1:00 AEST
August 12
1:00-5:00 BST