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Nuix Investigate® End User

The Nuix Investigate® End User is a one-day certification course ideal for clients who need to make high-level decisions about the data. Often it is important to be able to share evidence across multiple parties.  This includes both internal and external departments.  This course will teach you how to use the same searching and analysis tools built into Nuix Workstation, delivered in a more streamlined user-friendly interface. The Nuix Investigate End User course is ideal for individuals who are new to Nuix Investigate.  You will learn to:

  • Create and assign items to tags, secured fields, and folders in various views
  • Work with common search types such as kind, communication and data
  • Explore advanced search methods
  • Identify various types of analytics which will offer unique views into the case data
  • Generate reports


Students will be enrolled in the Nuix Investigate End User exam. This exam is a requisite for the Nuix Forensic Practitioner Master Certification. 

Nuix Forensic Practitioner Bundle Package:

- Nuix Annual Training Pass (NATP) - $3,995 USD per person. Nuix Workstation Forensic Practitioner Core, Nuix Workstation Forensic Practitioner Foundations, Nuix Workstation Forensic Practitioner Windows, Nuix Investigate Administrator, and Nuix Investigate End User (Classes throughout the year)  Registration link

For scheduling of private online training, or to answer any questions, please contact

June 17
9:00-5:00 CDT
July 5-6
9:00-5:00 CET
July 12
9:00-5:00 BST