Decoding the Minds of Hackers

The second annual Nuix Black Report gets into the mind of hackers to help organizations anticipate, detect, and prepare for cybersecurity threats.

And the Survey Says…

We surveyed professional hackers, penetration testers, and incident responders to help us understand the security threat landscape and the results were more intriguing than we imagined.

Black Report 2018 Infographic


Don’t Believe the Hype

When you read about data breaches in the media, the victims usually claim they suffered an unprecedented and highly sophisticated cyberattack. Much later, it emerges that someone forgot to apply a security patch, or something equally simple and preventable.

How often do hackers change their tactics? How often do they need to change because the security industry catches up with them?

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Decoding the Mind of Hackers

Many surveys examine the cybersecurity landscape from the point of view of vendors and their customers; only the Nuix Black Report provides the hacker’s perspective. The Nuix Black Report includes unique data such as:

  • How long it takes hackers to breach a network
  • The industries that are easiest to hack
  • Which defensive mechanisms provide the greatest challenge for attackers.

When your organization developed its cybersecurity strategies, you may have involved IT, legal, risk, and human resources teams but chances are you didn’t invite the bad guy who’s trying to steal your critical data. The Black Report brings this much needed perspective to the table.

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Corporate Espionage


Head of Services, Security and Partner Integration

Chris Pogue has more than 15 years’ experience and 2,000 breach investigations under his belt. Over his career, Chris has led multiple professional security services organizations and corporate security initiatives to investigate thousands of security breaches worldwide.

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Director of Intelligence Integration, Nuix

Harlan has worked in information security for more than two decades. After serving on active duty with the United States military, he has worked across vulnerability assessments, digital forensics and incident response, and targeted threat hunting and response. Harlan is an accomplished public speaker and prolific author.

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Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology 

Claire is a lecturer, researcher, and consultant in forensic criminology. Her main research areas surround offender evidence manipulation at homicide scenes, and equivocal death investigation. She offers training and expert consultancy to law enforcement agencies, as well as assistance to victims’ families.

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Partner, McCarter & English, LLP

Alexander focuses his practice on federal procurement, cybersecurity liability and risk management, and litigation. He is a prolific author and thought leader in the area of cybersecurity and a retired U.S. Air Force intelligence officer.

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Chief Information Security Officer

David is responsible for Nuix’s internal information, physical, and personnel security programs. He served in federal law enforcement for 27 years, including 24 years as a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service. David is a federally certified instructor with over 3,000 teaching hours in forensics and cybercrime.

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"The Nuix Black Report illuminates the true nexus between attacker methodology and defensive posture; showing which countermeasures will improve security and which are a waste of money and resources. Readers will learn what is the best spend for their security dollar and, more critically, why."

Chris Pogue
Head of Services, Security and Partner Integration, Nuix