Latest Release

Nuix 7.8

Simpler Workflows, Super Performance

Nuix 7.8 delivers simpler workflows for common tasks such as finding communication patterns between people, hunting for personally identifiable information, analyzing mobile devices, and conducting incident response and insider threat investigations. This release gives you super performance in big data scenarios including high-volume optical character recognition (OCR) and working with very large compound cases.

For more information on the release, which includes Nuix Workstation, Nuix Web Review & Analytics, Nuix Enterprise Collection Center, and the Nuix Engine, please download the What’s New in Nuix 7.8 brochure.

Top 5 New Features

In this video, our Chief Technology Officer Stephen Stewart counts down the five most important new features in our latest release.

New in Nuix Workstation

  • Increase the speed, hardware utilization, and convenience of optical character recognition, including the ability to run OCR in the background
  • Combine multiple cases into an Elasticsearch compound case or data lake for cross-case searching and analysis
  • Capture locally relevant or case-specific types of personally identifiable information by adding your own custom named entities
  • Get more from mobile devices thanks to improved integration with MSAB, deduplication within XRY and Cellebrite forensic reports, and more robust extraction of Android devices using the Nuix Imager

New in Nuix Enterprise Collection Center

  • For security incidents identified in Nuix Adaptive Security, perform a forensic full-disk image or selected data collection on the target endpoint using Nuix Enterprise Collection Center, and make that data available for investigators in Nuix Workstation
  • Conduct rapid and targeted data collections for information governance and compliance by filtering data to collect based on its content using keyword lists or regular expressions
  • Collect data directly to Amazon S3 cloud storage rather than to a local disk

New in Nuix Web Review & Analytics

  • Quickly identify the key players and topics of any investigation by sending emails, documents, text messages, online chats, and other communications to a canvas interface, making it easy to see who’s talking to whom, how often, and what about