Latest Release

Nuix 7.6

Nuix 7.6 Enhances Our Industry Leading Position for eDiscovery and Investigation Workflows

Our latest release is designed to give eDiscovery professionals, legal operations, lawyers, investigators, information governance professionals, and law enforcement additional freedom and functionality to automate and simplify their workflows. Users will find it easier to add, organize, and share information within and across cases, incorporate social media into investigations, and load and process files with additional data inputs, bulk load capabilities, and workflow templates.

For more information on the release, which includes Nuix Workstation, Nuix Web Review & Analytics, and Nuix Enterprise Collection Center, along with the underlying Nuix Engine, please download the What’s New in Nuix 7.6 brochure.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Nuix 7.6

In this video, our Chief Technology Officer Stephen Stewart counts down the five most important new features in our latest release.


Sample Enhancements

Enhanced Social Media Processing

Facebook and Twitter are part of billions of people’s lives and a vital evidence source for all kinds of cases. Now you can ingest the data Facebook supplies for official investigations while connecting directly Twitter both in real-time and to review historic activity. Nuix Workstation.

Search Term Reporting

Generate reports from initial search hits that enable the team to interact directly with and hone the search results to determine and deliver on case strategy. Nuix Web Review and Analytics.

Remote Browse Before Collection

Enable collectors to review, browse, and select specific folders and files on endpoints and servers across the network to specifically target the needed information. Nuix Enterprise Collection Center.

New File Formats

Process AutoCAD PIA, AVCHD, DICOM, GeoJSON, Google Fit, Google Handout, Oracle dB, Virtual Box disk images, Shuriken 2018, Xerox DocuWorks, WhatsApp, and Slack information, plus more. Nuix Workstation.