Latest Release

Latest release

Nuix 7.4 Provides a Single Window into Mobile Devices and All Other Data Sources

Our latest release of the Nuix Engine, Nuix eDiscovery Workstation, and Nuix Investigation & Response is designed to give law enforcement and enterprise investigators a single window into the content of mobile devices alongside all the other evidence sources in your case. Customers in advisory and service provider firms have powerful up-front processing options for transforming raw source evidence into reviewable documents as quickly as possible.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Nuix 7.4

In this video, our Chief Technology Officer Stephen Stewart counts down the five most important new features in Nuix 7.4.

Collect from Mobile Devices

Our latest release gives you a single window into call histories, email, messaging, and communication patterns across multiple mobile devices and all other digital evidence sources. It performs logical collections from iOS devices with preliminary support for Android devices. You can harmonize and deduplicate extractions from different forensic images in dual-tool verification scenarios.

Streamline Image Investigations

Using a machine learning framework, Nuix 7.4 can classify the content of images and identify real-world objects such as cars or guns as well as items such as corporate logos. We’ve also incorporated PhotoDNA hashes for law enforcement investigators working on child exploitation investigations.

Bulk Load Data

Nuix 7.4 allows you to run optical character recognition and document imaging, and push metadata directly into an external database, during processing. This gives you the shortest possible path for transforming raw source evidence into reviewable documents.

Process Encrypted Hard Drives

Nuix 7.4 gives you the option of decrypting Bitlocker-encrypted drives during processing to extract their content.

Lock Down Your Elasticsearch Cases

Nuix 7.4 supports X-Pack and Search Guard security to prevent unauthorized access to case data, and version 5.5.0 of Elasticsearch.