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Nuix Latest Release Details

Version 9.8 of Nuix Workstation, Nuix Automation, Nuix Investigate, Nuix Enterprise Collection Center and Nuix SDK and version 2.14 of Nuix Adaptive Security are now available. Nuix Discover® 10.9 On-premises was released earlier this year (see release notes). The features listed here are for version 10.10, which will be released by the end of June.

Customers with active licenses with a current support agreement can download the latest versions of our software and view detailed release notes on our Customer Portal.

Nuix Workstation logo

  • Slack Connector. The Nuix Connector for Slack is now available (pricing to be determined) within the Nuix Engine, bulk evidence loader, Scripting API and the Nuix Engine REST interface, part of the Nuix SDK.
  • Elasticsearch plugin. The Elasticsearch 7.16.3 plugin is now supported on Nuix Workstation 9.6.7 and later. This plugin addresses Apache Log4j and false-positive concerns with some vulnerability scanners. (We will continue to support Elasticsearch 7.8.1 as the default Elasticsearch version for Nuix Workstation 9.x series.)
  • Apple File System and iWork. We improved Apple File System (APFS) support and can now identify the three most recent versions of Apple iWork.
  • Microsoft SharePoint and Teams. We improved the Microsoft SharePoint connectors to now organize site structures under the owner (users, teams, and group sites). The Microsoft authentication token renewal process for users is now automated. You now have the option to choose a Microsoft Teams Licensing Model, allowing you to select which data ingestion option to use.
  • Hancom GMD nested data. We added a new nested display structure for Hancom GMD data along with the ability to create nested custom metadata.
  • New filters. “Has text” and “Has no text” are now included within the set of item filters.

Nuix SDK logo


Nuix Automation logo

  • Engine update. Nuix Automation 9.8 contains an update to the Nuix Engine 9.8, addressing security vulnerabilities, and minor fixes.
  • Split DD files. Nuix Automation can now process DD split files.


Nuix Investigate logo

  • Email preview. When viewing an email, there is now an email specific preview that displays metadata, attachments and body text. You can also include attachments when coding and downloading natives.
  • Chat preview. The chat preview now displays Microsoft Teams data in an updated user interface, including threaded channel conversations and reactions.
  • Investigate Connections canvas. We updated the Investigate Connections canvas to include new icons and colors, making it easier to visualize the data and draw connections.

Nuix Discover logo

Nuix Discover® 10.9 On-premises was released earlier this year (see release notes). The features listed here are for version 10.10, which will be released by the end of June.

  • Conditional Coding customization. In the Conditional Coding pane, you can now customize the layout of the coding field names and values in the single-coding and mass-coding views. You can also use the Binders – Custom, Issues - Custom and Source/Attachments fields for conditional templates.
  • Login experience. System administrators can now configure the login experience so users who go to the Login Service URL are redirected automatically to the appropriate portal URL.
  • Review hits in context. You can now review hits in a document more efficiently and focus your review on the specific content immediately around the keyword highlights enabled in the formatted and unformatted content views.
  • Identities. You can now view identities in the Browse pane, which are related to the Identity entity in a data model.
  • Italian translation. You can now translate documents into Italian using the Microsoft or Google translation services.
  • Case setup improvements. When adding a hierarchy during case setup, you can now preview the hierarchy before you save and run it to make sure that the hierarchy field and delimiter are useful. You can also clone and move child issues as well as top-level issues in case setup.
  • Developer documentation. Nuix Discover developer documentation is now available at our developer site.

Nuix Enterprise Collection Center logo

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory support. We now support Microsoft Azure Active Directory for federated authorization.
  • 50,000 endpoints per server. Nuix Enterprise Collection Center now supports up to 50,000 endpoints per server (up from a recommended 10,000 per server) for forensic collection use cases.

Nuix Adaptive Security logo

  • Automated screenshots. You can now capture the context surrounding a threat event by automatically collecting screenshots of activity leading up to an event. We’ve quadrupled the screen capture rate, allowing you to take up to four screenshots per second.
  • Sensitive file opening alert. To reduce the potential for sensitive files to be exposed or exfiltrated, you now have the option to identify and alert whenever specified sensitive files are opened by an end user.
  • More context to triage alerts. Nuix Adaptive Security now helps you triage alerts more accurately by providing additional contextual information which correlates username information and identifies activity from processes leveraging privilege escalation.
  • Enterprise integration. To help integrate Nuix Adaptive Security into enterprise environments, we added a new Splunk connector for forwarding events and alerts. We also added support for Amazon Aurora MySQL databases.


Nuix Cloud License Server logo

Please note: these updates to Nuix Cloud License Server were released earlier this year.

  • Active sessions. License admins can now see all active sessions and search using License ID, organization name and usernames.
  • Local user authentication. To better support semi-offline licenses, we added support for local user authentication in Nuix Management Server Relay mode.

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