White Papers

The Everywhere Threat: The 5 Big Data Privacy Trends And How To Get In Front Of Them

Data breaches threaten all organizations, everywhere. So whether you’re a business, a government agency, or a not-for-profit you need to understand what the data privacy threat means to you - and what you can do about it. 

Our new white paper examines the five trends driving data privacy thinking today:  

  • The relentless rise in the frequency and cost of breaches  
  • The regulatory response and the risk of punitive sanctions 
  • Why organizations’ own data management practices expose them to more risk 
  • Why working from home is part of the problem  
  • The often-forgotten importance of people and culture in the fight against breaches    


The issue can be managed 

In this White Paper Nuix looks in depth at these issues and, just as importantly, sketches out some of the thinking, technologies, and practices that can help organizations like yours reduce the data privacy threat and increase operational performance at the same time. The paper draws on Nuix’s research and our work with clients around the globe.