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Using digital forensic workflows to address insider threats with privacy-centric activity monitoring

Insider threats include data exfiltration, workplace bullying and harassment, market abuse, and misuse of client data, leading to financial and reputational risks. A key challenge for employers is balancing the need to identify and stop potential criminal, malicious or negligent acts by “bad apple” employees while respecting the privacy of the law-abiding workers who form most of the company.

Companies looking to identify and stop insider threats must stop thinking about monitoring in terms of individuals. Rather, they should focus on activities that could harm them, their employees, or their customers, leveraging data, rules, and automation.

This white paper discusses a privacy-first approach to insider threats that combines Deloitte’s Digital Forensic Insider Threat with Nuix Adaptive Security. Using this approach means employees are at no point being actively monitored. Rather, unusual endpoint activity that breaks one of the rules simply alerts digital forensic teams that potentially malicious activity is underway and captures potential evidence for further review.

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