Product Updates

Nuix SDK | V9.10 New Features

Updated Core Engine REST to use JWT instead of nuix-auth-token.Improved performance of Core Engine REST search endpoint with deduplication.Added Core Engine REST endpoint to retrieve Item Sets by GUID.Added endpoint to support per-item custodian assignment.Resolved issues with Core Engine REST search endpoint. 

Nuix Adaptive Security | V2.16.0 New Features

File content inspection provides the ability to have visibility into the content of documents that are leaving the network. For example, this may be used when investigating insider threats for data exfiltration to a USB drive. Collections triggered by rules allow the agent to make a copy of a file and send it to a specified location. This allows the security teams to have the ability to manually analyze files as they triage alerts. Event log enhancements allow you to retrieve event logs based on the date range and log names, such as applications, security, systems, and Windows Powershell. Collection improvements for easier collection to Amazon Simple Cloud Storage (S3), improve job monitoring, retrieve folder size prior to collection, and collect to different regions.Application improvements to allow you to review screenshots directly from an alert. We have also updated the Insights left navigation list. 

Nuix Enterprise Collection Center | V9.10 New Features

ECC Admin Console now shows the users who has logged on to each computer, and the paths to each of these users' profile or home folder. Remote Terminal can now display double-byte characters from ECC client computers running in 8 other Windows language editions (other than English).New commands added or extended in the ECC REST API.

Nuix Discover | V10.14.001 New Features

New coding template for People/Organizations is available in the Conditional Coding pane. New People Identity fields, allow users to select these fields to add to a column template.New Manage Roles feature, allowing case administrators to create roles to assign to identities. The ability for portal administrators to restrict access to cases and features for those users who use Connected API.

Nuix Workstation | V9.10 New Features

Nuix NLP integration enables you to send text from Nuix Workstation and Nuix Engine to Nuix NLP for analysis. Analysis results are automatically retrieved and enriched in the case, allowing for reviewing, searching, and filtering of NLP metadata.Japanese character support improvements for accuracy in searching and highlighting Japanese characters for both Elastic and Lucene. Improved Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing options of already ingested items. This provides a more cost-effective method of OCR processing as only items you select for OCR will be processed. New Support for AFF4-L forensic container AFF4-L is a new open-source, vendor-neutral standard for logical images based on the AFF4 format.New support for HWPX format: HWPX file is a proprietary Hangul Word Processor(HWP) word processing application by Hancom. It is used extensively in South Korea, especially by the government.  

Nuix Automation | V9.10 New Features

Notification of paused jobs if licenses become unavailable.Should licenses become unavailable while running jobs in Nuix Automation, the application nowEasier Profile management from the application’s left sidebar.More intuitively, you can now access and manage Profiles from the application’s left-sidenavigation barNuix OCR Addon included in Nuix Automation installer - ABBYY FineReader is now included making it easier to get up and running with Nuix Automation  

Nuix Investigate | V9.10 New Features

NLP data enhancements to include a new tab to the UI to display to make it easier to view which items are most relevant to the NLP model. Chat improvements to enhance the Chat Bubble experience and reduce the need to run additional searches or open new tabs to see the related media content in the chat conversation. Custom search filters were improved to allow users to overwrite existing custom search filters and make copies of default search filters.