Nuix responds to market demand for a hosted eDiscovery solution with zero infrastructure costs in Asia Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand

SYDNEY, 15 May 2019 - Nuix (, a risk, compliance, and security software company headquartered in Australia, has launched Nuix Ringtail under a software as a service (SaaS) model in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand.

Nuix Ringtail SaaS runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has ISO27001 certification, an internationally recognised security standard. Nuix Ringtail SaaS combines powerful functionality with the benefits of a cloud-hosted product, as well as having zero infrastructure costs, robust security, scalability, and automatic upgrades.

“There isn’t enough time in the day to discover the traditional way anymore,” says Shane Jansz, Global Head of eDiscovery & Information Governance Solutions for Nuix. “People are overworked with little time to sift through mounds of information with anything resembling efficiency. Our customers have told us that it’s essential for their eDiscovery platform to handle large data volumes at speed, and without failing. It also needs to be easy to use, learn, deploy, grow, and manage which Nuix Ringtail SaaS delivers.


What is Nuix Ringtail?

“Nuix Ringtail enables teams to stay ahead of the data curve by using predictive coding and advanced analytics to more efficiently review data with reduced costs. We’re really excited to be able to now support Asia Pacific clients with this leading-edge technology in cooperation with AWS.”

Nuix, which formed in Sydney in 2000, has more than 2,000 customers in over 75 countries and is well-placed to support the growing eDiscovery market. The release of its Ringtail SaaS solution into Asia Pacific region is the next step in the company’s SaaS growth strategy according to Paul Muller, Nuix CEO Nuix, Asia Pacific & Japan.

“Places like India, Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand are highly sophisticated technology markets, often early adopters of new technologies and in many respects ahead of the digital transformation curve,” said Muller. “We know that businesses involved in discovery want smarter ways of working and we’re seeing a positive market response to Ringtail SaaS with customers already lining up for the new service. Technologies like Nuix Ringtail SaaS can have a huge impact on improving productivity and reducing the costs of legal discovery and regulatory response.”

The global market for eDiscovery software and services was estimated at nearly US$11 billion in 2018 with predicted annual growth of 10 per cent through to 2023. That growth is being driven by demand for better data analytics, a growing volume of content sources, a heightened focus on search costs, and an increase in litigation around the globe.

According to eDiscovery industry expert Andrew King, founder of New Zealand’s LegalTech Hub, “Having access to powerful eDiscovery software is now essential not only to better manage growing data volumes but to work smarter and get to the most important information quickly and cost effectively. Even on smaller matters, organisations that previously may have only had 5gb of data a few years back now can easily have in excess of 100gb. With this proliferation of electronic information and the impact of technology on our lives, it is important for lawyers to realise how technology can assist them in practicing law. We’re all communicating differently than we did in the past, while the devices we use to communicate, and store information are evolving exponentially.”

Nuix Ringtail SaaS is a complete eDiscovery solution that:

  • Rapidly indexes, searches, and extracts meaningful information from a range of formats – including documents, email, text messages, images, and social media content – for faster and more accurate analysis;
  • Is easy to use and allows administrators to create and control all aspects of discovery projects, from processing to production;
  • Includes advanced analytics, visual document review and predictive coding, allowing users to quickly cull, review, and code data sets of any size.

Nuix Ringtail SaaS is already available to Nuix’s North American customers, delivered from three data centres, and is also planned to launch in the United Kingdom.



Nuix customer Caroline Sweeney, Director of Knowledge Management and Innovation at Dorsey & Whitney LLB based in Minneapolis, USA, has used Nuix Ringtail since 2008.

“We use Nuix Ringtail for early case assessments, investigations and litigation projects of all sizes and in almost every instance, we rely heavily on analytics throughout the lifecycle of the case,” she says. “Whether we’re analysing date ranges and file types or detecting audio files, personally identifiable information and foreign-language content, our legal teams can quickly prioritize and route data in a way that ensures an efficient review – no matter the size or complexity of the data set.

“Once we’ve processed the data, Nuix Ringtail’s integrated analytics allow us to analyse, review and code documents in the same interface no matter the data type. With email threading, social network visualizations, machine language translation, and predictive analytics, Nuix Ringtail gives our team the power and flexibility to quickly and accurately complete eDiscovery projects for our global clientele.  And with a rich set of case metrics available – including reviewer productivity, accuracy, and team coding trends – we can consistently improve the quality of the review in real time.”