Electronic Discovery

Electronic Discovery

Are you always on the defensive?

Surging data volumes have made discovery a strategic problem for businesses that face serial litigation and rapid regulatory change. Nuix supports an end-to-end discovery process to reduce your cost and risk exposure from legal and regulatory matters.


If legal discovery and regulatory response are a big headache for you, you’re not alone. Many organizations and industries face the double whammy of a highly litigious environment combined with increasingly proactive regulators. 

The task of discovery is made harder by ever numerous sources and growing sizes of discoverable data across a variety of file types. Changing workplace and technology use patterns add to the challenge, requiring you to get across data in the cloud, mobile devices, social media, legacy systems, and archives in addition to traditional sources such as email and file shares.

You probably answer multiple stakeholders—including general counsel, risk and audit, human resources, compliance, and cybersecurity—all demanding you meet critical deadlines. And of course, the business wants you to do more with less. How can you deliver a repeatable, defensible discovery process rather than having an ad-hoc fire drill with every case?


The Nuix platform supports an end-to-end discovery process. There’s no matching our ability to collect massive volumes of data from a wide variety of enterprise, mobile, and cloud sources, and process it into a searchable and reviewable format at high speed. In short: we get your eyes on the right documents, faster.

Nuix allows you to choose the capabilities that meet your needs:

  • Targeted forensic collection of electronically stored information across individual devices, networks, and enterprise systems
  • A complete and scalable off-the-shelf solution for discovery processing, investigation, analysis, review and production
  • A web application for secure, fast, collaborative data review by multiple reviewers
  • A framework for automating and balancing workloads across multiple tasks and processing resources
  • Machine learning technology for converting electronically recorded speech to text.


The world’s largest businesses and government agencies use Nuix to reduce the cost and risk of legal and regulatory matters. With Nuix, you can:

  • Handle large-scale legal and regulatory engagements in house to meet crushing court production and regulatory deadlines
  • Pinpoint business risks as quickly as possible within mountains of enterprise data to minimize corporate exposure
  • Substantially reduce the volume of irrelevant documents going into downstream litigation—by as much as 75% in some cases—and drastically reduce the costs of legal review.