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End-to-end Discovery Without Compromise

See the Total Picture in the Midst of Data Chaos

Nuix eDiscovery solutions provide law firms and legal teams with the power, flexibility and speed they need to address the complexity and challenges of today’s eDiscovery.

From early case assessment and investigation to document review and trial preparation, Nuix delivers a unique visual approach that lets legal teams and litigation support master the details of any legal matter.



Built by Legal Teams for Legal Teams

Our world-class processing engine, visual analytics, and document review capabilities were built in close collaboration with legal teams around the world. We believe every client is a partner.

Trusted by Organizations Everywhere

We’ve been helping clients solve the eDiscovery challenge for more than 20 years. It’s no wonder the world’s top law firms and corporations turn to Nuix for trusted performance and results

Built for the Business of Review

Nuix eDiscovery solutions can work with your existing eDiscovery platform or alongside. Our flexible deployment models mean you control your data, process, and outcomes.

Be Awesome with Nuix

Integrated Visual Analytics

eDiscovery’s only visual review. See what matters with powerful keyword search, Attenex® concept clustering and eDiscovery’s best, and only, visual review tool, Document Mapper.

Transform data points into decision points with CAL. Our flexible and intuitive Continuous Active Learning (CAL) helps teams cut massive document collections down to size. From received productions to that “unknown” collection, Nuix makes it easy to use predictive coding.

Search across millions of documents. Do more with keyword search across millions of documents, attachments, metadata, document IDs and coding at one time.

The Most Advanced Processing Engine in the World

Unparalleled speed. Our patented parallel processing engine can index and enrich virtually unlimited volumes of unstructured data with unmatched speed and precision.

No data challenge is too big. Nuix can scale within a single large server or across multiple high- or low-powered machines to work with petabyte-scale data.

Make real-time data a reality. Nuix can collect real-time and historical data from endpoints and networks, providing the raw material for cybersecurity, intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analysis.

The Fastest Path to Innovation

Legal technology that grows with you. Nuix eDiscovery allows you to work in the linear views you are accustomed to while giving you access to advanced functionality to kick your review into high gear when you need to.

Scale up or down. No case is too small or large for Nuix. Cutting edge technology allows you to ingest, code, review, and produce with great ease, no matter the size.

Connect to the Nuix partner network. Using Nuix gives you access to a network of service provider partners who can assist when your team needs additional resources, assistance with complex matters, or innovative technology built on top of the Nuix platform.


A Commitment to Customer Success

Ease of use is job one. Our award-winning user interface is built with the user in mind. Easy-to-understand icons and color coding allow you to intuitively navigate the platform just as you would your everyday applications and websites.

Join our global user community. With monthly power user webinars, regional workshops, and annual user group meetings in Sydney, London, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, the Nuix user community give you ample opportunities to share knowledge, improve your skills, and grow your business.

On-demand learning is ready when you are. Quickly ramp up your team with Nuix’s on-demand training and certification programs. Learn the basics to get started or accelerate your skill development with advanced tips and tricks.