Nuix partnership with Jeff Bleich centre helps understand effect of technology on democratic societies

SYDNEY – 25 February 2020 — Global software company Nuix ( today announced it has formed a partnership with the newly opened Jeff Bleich Centre for the US Alliance in Digital Technology, Security & Governance at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia.

The Jeff Bleich Centre (JBC) was named in honour of Nuix board member Jeff Bleich, former Special Counsel to President Barack Obama and US Ambassador to Australia from 2009 to 2013. The Centre aims to enhance the resilience of our democracies and address the challenges and dangers of the digital age to the fabric of our societies, according to the university’s website. It will examine the impact that new technology has on democracies, for good and for ill.

“We can behave differently in cyberspace where none of the old rules exists,” said Bleich. “There was excitement when we first created this space, but within one generation, we discovered we brought our humanity along with it.”

With increasingly connected nations and an informed populace, the world is encountering new challenges spurred by the advancement of technology.

“There’s a concern that people are going to meddle in the outcomes of elections, and regardless of who wins, democracy loses,” Bleich explained. “At the end of the day, we don’t know if we can trust the result of that election.”

Nuix Head of Partner Connect, Chris Pogue, added: “Trust is absolutely fundamental to everything we do in a democratic society.”

Nuix software will play a role in the Centre’s mission, which meets the company’s own mission of finding truth in a digital world. “If you can use precise forensics to know exactly what happened, to know the source of information, and be able to validate and verify it quickly, you can really empower democracy,” Bleich said.

“JBC is delighted to be partnering with Nuix,” said Dr. Zac Rogers, Research Leader at the Centre. “Our research will be augmented and expanded in a number of exciting and innovative ways by Nuix’s unique technology, and JBC’s mission to re-imagine and restore trust in the information environment aligns with Nuix’s core values.”


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