Nuix tackles remote workforce investigation and discovery with connectors for Microsoft 365

HERNDON, VA – February 2, 2021 — Global software company Nuix (, ASX:NXL) today announced that the latest releases of the Nuix Engine and its flagship products can connect, collect, and analyze data from cloud collaboration platform Microsoft 365 including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Customers conducting regulatory inquiries, legal matters, and internal investigations can collect collaboration data from the cloud and review and analyze it alongside evidence from email, business documents, corporate repositories, and mobile devices.

“The events of 2020 saw entire organizations switch to remote working with massive adoption of cloud collaboration platforms,” said Rod Vawdrey, Group Chief Executive Officer of Nuix. “Nuix has worked hard to give customers critical insights into this data and allow them to integrate it into established workflows for compliance, legal, and forensic investigation so they can significantly reduce costs and risks.”

The Nuix Engine connects directly to Microsoft 365 in the cloud, delivering a thorough and nuanced collection of the source data. After processing, Nuix customers can scrutinize and review this data in Nuix Workstation, Nuix Investigate®, and Nuix Discover® with a comprehensive suite of investigative analytics. Customers can then make that data accessible to compliance teams, legal review teams, and outside counsel while maintaining control of their valuable and sensitive information.

“Microsoft 365 presents unique challenges for retrieving data, including modern attachments, document versioning, and Microsoft Teams chats,” said Stephen Stewart, Nuix’s Chief Technology Officer. “Once again, Nuix responds rapidly to customer needs, delivering solutions to the problems organizations face today and looking to the future.

“Our latest release gives customers accurate, defensible search results from Microsoft 365 alongside more than 1,000 other data sources and makes it available in formats that lawyers, investigators, and reviewers can easily understand and work with. They can review all the messages in private or public conversations and understand the communication links between people, all as part of their existing investigative workflows.”