Nuix wins spot in cioreview's top 10 cybersecurity solution providers 2018

HERNDON, VA – December 14, 2018 – Nuix (, a security, risk, and compliance software company, today announced it was named as one of CIOReview’s Top 10 Cybersecurity Solution Providers of 2018. Nuix Adaptive Security was shortlisted as one of the most cutting-edge solutions that offer tailor-made and efficient solutions for cybersecurity.

“We are thrilled to be one of the top cybersecurity solution providers by CIOReview,” said Stuart Clarke, Head of Security & Intelligence Solutions. “Our team is working hard to create a solution that establishes a proactive and secure working environment for our customers, and it’s great to have those efforts recognized.”

Nuix strives to deliver total data intelligence to its customers, pinpointing the critical information organizations need to anticipate, detect, and act on cybersecurity, risk, and compliance threats. This ensures that they have the real-time clarity, control, and efficiency required to uncover the key facts and context, and act on those threats.

According to CIOReview, “With Nuix, customers have the ability to automatically take action—prevent, detect, remediate—based on malicious behavior at the endpoint, making it harder for intruders and insiders to target valuable data and limiting the damage they can cause. Numerous such examples have earned Nuix the well-deserved spotlight in the cybersecurity, risk, and compliance landscape since its inception.”

“Most of the customers who seek our assistance already have security products safeguarding their organizations,” Clarke said. “However, they come to us because of the gaps that continue to exist. They recognize that building higher walls and deeper moats rarely keeps the bad guys out.”


About Nuix Adaptive Security

Nuix Adaptive Security bucks the endpoint status quo, delivering a proactive approach that provides the visibility, adaptability, and control you’ve been missing with your traditional endpoint products. By leveraging endpoint analytics, Adaptive Security can reduce the time it takes to detect an impending or ongoing attack, accelerate recovery time, easily adapt to changing environments, regulations, and attack vectors—and ultimately stop incidents in their tracks.

About Nuix

Nuix ( understands the DNA of data at an enormous scale. Our software pinpoints the critical information organizations need to anticipate, detect, and act on risk, compliance, and security threats. Our intuitive platform identifies hidden connections between people, objects, locations, and events – providing real-time clarity, control, and efficiency to uncover the key facts and their context.