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Nuix Investigate

Solve Cases Collaboratively

Nuix Investigate offers powerful visualizations to show you at a glance who the key players in a case are and what they’re doing.

You can share, search, and analyze case data anytime, from any web browser, alongside other investigators working the same case, no matter where they are, all without needing to deploy complex hardware or client software.

Ultimately, our software helps you make faster and better-informed decisions.

See The Big Picture, Faster

Establish your case position sooner and identify the most influential suspects with a graphical analytical interface that shows who is talking to whom, about what, and how often—across many communication channels.

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Conduct repetitive tasks consistently across multiple sets of data, cases, locations, or systems, and build clear insights as you drill deeper into the evidence.

Collaborate and Share, Securely

Enable investigators and other stakeholders to collaborate on case data and digital evidence, all while protecting sensitive information in the case with role-based access to the data and to product features.


  • See who is talking to
    whom and what about
    Make Connections
  • Search, review, and tag data to
    ease collaboration across the case
    Search and Review
  • Use multiple visualizations to
    drill into the data and quickly
    highlight relevant facts
    Find Evidence Fast