Information Governance Webinar Series

Nuix has put together this series of webinars to help demystify information governance and to move the discourse on IG from theory to action. Each webinar can be consumed on its own; but when taken together the series will provide a solid foundation upon which smart people like you will be ready to kickstart information governance in your organization.

IG101: The Real Story of What Information Governance Is And Why You Should Be Doing It

During this webinar, we'll give you the lowdown, the 411, the real deal of what information governance is, what it isn’t, and the basics on how to figure out which flavor of information governance is right for you.

IG201: Breaking Information Governance Down to Enable Action

This webinar will break down information governance into its natural focus areas of IT, privacy and security, legal, RIM and business to explore the threats, opportunities and priorities that represent “on ramps” to information governance.

IG301: Building the Business Case for Information Governance

We'll share valuable insights on ways to articulate multiple value propositions of information governance that will engage cross-functional stakeholders and engender support from management. during this webinar.

Graduation Day: Operationalizing Information Governance

In this last webinar of the series, we will explore what information governance might look like as a fully operational program, including the roles, goals and tools needed to be successful.


Julie Colgan

Vice President – Information Governance

Julie is responsible for setting and executing against the global market and product strategies for Nuix information governance solutions. She leads a team of subject matter experts who help customers make the most out of their Nuix investments.

She is past president of ARMA International, has multiple industry certifications, and has more than 15 years experience as an information governance and records management practitioner and advisor.

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Brian Tuemmler

Information Governance Program Architect

Brian Tuemmler joined Nuix in 2013 as Information Governance Program Architect helping IG practitioners and sponsors set up and manage enterprise governance programs through methodology, training, tools and software.

Brian has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry including speaking engagements and published articles for ARMA, AIIM and MER.


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