Nuix teams up with KPMG Spain to offer anti-fraud technology

London - 15 January 2019 - Nuix, a risk, compliance and security software company, today announced it has formed an alliance with professional services firm KPMG in Spain to combine Nuix’s technological capabilities with KPMG’s expertise in helping clients manage fraud investigations, commercial disputes, merger and acquisition transactions and regulatory compliance.
This agreement will see KPMG Spain’s Forensic Technology division use Nuix software as a powerful tool for identifying, processing, indexing, and analysing unstructured data, as a central part of its technology offering to customers.

Who are KPMG?

KPMG’s Forensic Technology team are experts in formulating strategies and actions to prevent, detect, and respond to fraud incidents or cyberattacks. This team also has the capacity to analyze large sources of information in relation to commercial disputes and the competition, where efficiency and accuracy are critical. Technology is an integral part of the team’s offering, used for a wide variety of purposes including capturing evidence and applying algorithms during the review phase. Nuix will form an intrinsic part of this process.
The capabilities offered by Nuix’s eDiscovery platform are reinforced by the Nuix Engine, the fastest technology available for indexing and searching huge volumes of unstructured data from the largest variety of file types and sources. Nuix technology supports organizations with digital forensic investigations, information governance, email migration, and privacy and data remediation.
"Companies generate growing volumes of data every day,” said Alejandro Rivas-Vásquez, Director of KPMG Spain’s Forensic Technology division. “Although they are aware of the hidden value that can be extracted from data, they are often overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of this data, particularly when responding to a fraud incident or cyberattack."

Benefits of partnering with Nuix

“Our partnership with Nuix gives us access to a really powerful tool that can search and analyse data at unmatched speeds with unparalleled precision,” said Rivas-Vásquez. “This will be valuable when we need to help companies better identify and protect their critical data, especially personally identifiable information that fits within GDPR parameters and commercially sensitive data. More importantly, in the world of mergers and acquisitions, this approach can dramatically accelerate transaction times and data remediation projects, further boosting business purchase opportunities."

Jonathan Rees, CEO of Nuix EMEA, said, "In all sectors, our customers will benefit from our relationship with KPMG. Investigations can be carried out more efficiently, profitably and comprehensively by combining the great talent of KPMG’s Forensic Technology team with Nuix's ability to index, process and analyse data. At a time when data is considered the "new oil", it is a very powerful and timely collaboration. We are proud that KPMG trusts our solutions."