Law Enforcement Investigations

Law Enforcement Investigations

How can you break through the backlog? 

Law enforcement agencies face a perfect storm: growing backlogs of cases containing multiplying numbers of larger and more complex digital evidence sources, combined with reduced budgets, fewer resources, and ever-increasing pressure to find answers— fast. Nuix breaks through the deadlock.


Big data is a crisis point for digital investigations. The number, size, and complexity of digital evidence sources per case is constantly increasing. Despite this, law enforcement agencies still use digital forensics workflows, processes, and tools that were designed for a bygone era when bits and bytes on a single hard drive were the most important evidence source. 

These tools lack any mechanism to examine multiple evidence sources at once, draw out intelligence, and match it across multiple information sources—you have to do that yourself.

As a result, many agencies have digital evidence backlogs of months or years. Meanwhile, frontline officers worry they won’t be able to prevent further crimes by known suspects or identify potential victims because it takes so long for justice to be done. In extreme cases, it is literally a matter of life and death.


Nuix gives you a single platform to collect, process, search, and review disparate data including mobile devices, computers, email, and many other data sources at the same time. With Nuix, you can:

  • Process data much faster and more intelligently than with legacy forensic tools, with the ability to scale your usage to meet urgent or exceptionally large demands
  • Automatically extract intelligence and analyze all the digital evidence in the case—as well as other current and historical cases—to find critical facts faster
  • Enable forensic technicians, field agents, investigating officers, and subject specialists collaborate on investigations—putting the right data into the hands of the right people, no matter where they are.


Nuix offers deeper insights into more data sources than any competing technologies. This helps you to:

  • Get results faster, to reduce or eliminate your case backlogs and have capacity to solve urgent cases without unduly delaying everyday matters
  • Increase efficiency by breaking down organizational silos and mobilizing resources where they’re most needed
  • Futureproof your investment by acquiring a technology designed to handle today’s and tomorrow’s demands, from a profitable and financially stable company that’s here for the long haul.