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One Window into All the Evidence

Digital Crime Never Sleeps; Neither Does Nuix

Criminals and wrongdoers are skilled at using technology to conceal their activities and do so all hours of the day.

The digitization of crime and the rise in mobile devices, social media, and cloud computing are crushing investigators’ ability to make timely, informed decisions.

The volume of data involved in criminal activity and wrongdoing is increasing daily and traditional detection methods are struggling to keep up.

Stay ahead of growing data volumes and complex data sources, beat case queues, and resolve more investigations with sophisticated technology that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Visualize large volumes of communications to find hidden connections among people, objects, locations, and events

Collaborate within and across teams to share insights and find critical facts faster, putting the right data into the hands of the right people, no matter where they are.

Ingest data from all evidence sources into a single platform with a unified view.

From the Server Room to the Courtroom

Every law enforcement, national security and government agency, regulatory body, and corporation has distinct needs and handles different kinds of cases.

No matter what type of criminal activity you are investigating, Nuix is with you every step of the way. From the server room to the courtroom, Nuix is a single source of truth across any investigation, providing:

  • Always-on endpoint visibility and collection in real time from Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems
  • High-speed processing of all data types
  • Collaborative data review with sophisticated visual analytics
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for technology assisted review
  • Defensible, repeatable processes and reporting


Beat criminals at their own game by turning data chaos into total data intelligence.



Nuix Lab Solutions for Digital Investigations

The Nuix Lab allows you to work efficiently on gigabyte to terabyte-sized investigations and beyond. It’s ideal for local or small regional forensic labs struggling with the expanding volume, variety, and complexity of digital evidence and looking to build or upgrade a dedicated digital forensics facility.

If your resources are spread geographically or you’re looking to facilitate greater collaboration across departments, the Nuix Lab breaks down evidence silos and makes better use of existing team members and intelligence. Nuix software puts evidence into the hands of less technical reviewers or case officers sooner in the investigation.

The core technologies of the Nuix Lab, Nuix Workstation and Nuix Investigate, give digital forensic technicians and case investigators different lenses into the same case data. Investigators benefit from an easy-to-use browser experience where they can collaborate on the same data at the same time, creating efficiency and helping them share insights.

Implementing Elasticsearch as a data store for the Nuix Lab boosts your evidence processing, investigation, and intelligence capabilities. It’s ideal for investigations that contain massive volumes of digital evidence and numerous digital exhibits; are conducted across multiple regions or jurisdictions, or need to cross-reference and correlate intelligence across multiple current and historical cases. 

In addition, you can apply powerful artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to supercharge your investigations. A Nuix Lab will ensure you find the right evidence, fast!