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One Window into All the Evidence

Driving Investigations with Speed and Precision

Corporate, criminal, legal, personnel, regulatory, and compliance investigations all demand the same benefits — give the investigative team a fast, clear way to find exactly what they need to move forward.  

Nuix creates a clear path through your data, making it searchable and suitable for any investigation.

Our enterprise-grade approach addresses the entire data lifecycle, connecting evidence and outcomes, all the way through litigation or arbitration, with capabilities including:

  • Understanding human behavior and connections
  • Enterprise-wide visibility and collection 
  • High-speed processing of all data types
  • Collaborative data review with sophisticated visual analytics
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for early case assessment and review
  • Defensible, repeatable forensic-level processes and reporting

Our software is used by thousands of investigators collaborating around the globe to handle privacy responses, criminal activities, cybersecurity breaches, leaking or lost high-value data, insider fraud, personnel issues, litigation matters, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures work, compliance verification, regulatory responses, and more.

Turn data chaos into data intelligence for collaborative, case-solving firepower by making Nuix a crucial member of your investigations team.



Visualize large volumes of information and communications to find hidden connections among people, objects, locations, and events

Collaborate within and across teams to share insights and find critical facts faster, putting the right data into the hands of the right people, no matter where they are.

Ingest data from all evidence sources into a single platform with a unified view.

Merge Challenging Data into Meaningful Intelligence

The digitization of information and the rise in mobile devices, social media, and cloud computing are overwhelming investigators’ ability to make timely, informed decisions. Both innocent and nefarious acts enable wrongdoers to use technology to conceal their activities and do so all hours of the day.

Nuix allows you to stay ahead of growing data volumes and complex data sources, beat the volume of case queues, and resolve more investigations with sophisticated software that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We deliver the world’s best processing and analytics software solution, extracting intelligence from data at virtually any scale and across thousands of file types. 

Build your foundation with the Nuix software solution that governs, monitors, reveals, collects, processes, investigates, and litigates using all your enterprise data.


Building Investigations Throughout the Enterprise

Modern businesses have numerous and varied investigative needs. From ensuring and maintaining compliance to responding to internal and external issues, investigators are burdened by the probabilities that come from gathering as much information as possible to support or disprove something quickly and efficiently.

Here is how we help corporations move forward:

  • Regulatory compliance and response. We support mandates that require the investigation and rebuilding of activity, history, and employee behavior within the requirements.

  • Privacy and intellectual property protection. Organizations needing to investigate privacy compliance laws and track down intellectual property (IP) use digital investigative techniques to simplify the arduous task of finding the needle in the multi-terabyte haystack of enterprise information.

  • Internal issue coverage. Insider threats such as data theft, personnel issues, and information technology misuse are all considered threats to the organization and need fast, directed investigative resources to protect the enterprise.


  • External threat response. Our software enables you to continue working a cybersecurity threat beyond identifying and stopping it. Investigative follow-up is crucial for any type of ransomware, business email compromise, or other nefarious attacks on an organization. 

  • Data organization. Organizations looking to reduce their data footprint without compromising industry regulation must investigate the materials they have and follow information governance best practices. 


Nuix Lab Solutions for Digital Investigations

The Nuix Lab allows you to work efficiently on gigabyte to terabyte-sized investigations and secure what you need to solve the case. It’s also ideal for local or small regional forensic labs struggling with the expanding volume, variety, and complexity of digital evidence and looking to build or upgrade a dedicated digital forensics facility.

If your resources are spread geographically or you’re looking to facilitate greater collaboration across departments, the Nuix Lab breaks down evidence silos and makes better use of existing team members and intelligence. Nuix software puts evidence into the hands of less technical reviewers or case officers sooner in the investigation.

The core technologies of the Nuix Lab — which includes Nuix Workstation and Nuix Investigate® — give digital forensic technicians and case investigators different lenses into the same case data. Investigators benefit from an easy-to-use browser experience where they can collaborate on the same data at the same time, creating efficiency and helping them share insights. For corporates doing their own internal investigations, the Nuix Lab includes endpoint agents that can be remotely installed and collect evidence as needed.

Implementing Elasticsearch as a data store for the Nuix Lab boosts your evidence processing, investigation, and intelligence capabilities. It’s ideal for investigations that contain massive volumes of digital evidence and numerous digital exhibits; are conducted across multiple regions or jurisdictions or need to cross-reference and correlate intelligence across multiple current and historical cases. 

Plus, you can apply powerful artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to supercharge your investigations. A Nuix Lab will ensure you find the right evidence, fast!