Nuix and CYFOR Case Study

CYFOR Saves its Client Weeks by Making Data Instantly Accessible with Nuix Web Review & Analytics

eDisclosure and digital forensics specialist CYFOR was providing eDiscovery services to a law firm on a large litigation involving more than 250 custodians across 10 locations.

CYFOR was using Nuix eDiscovery to process tens of terabytes of data. Rather than export the data to a review platform, CYFOR decided to use Nuix’s newly released Web Review & Analytics package to provide access to the data that had already been processed.

CYFOR Managing Director, Joel Tobias, said, “The client had a specific, court-imposed deadline and it would have taken a long time to move the data from the Nuix server into another review tool. Keeping the data within Nuix meant the client could carry out an early case assessment of their data using an online platform. This saved days and potentially weeks for the client.”

Download the case study to learn how Nuix Web Review & Analytics provided its team of five reviewers with instant secure access to the case data.


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