Nuix Enables Discovia to Meet Client's Aggressive Data Remediation Deadline

Nuix partner and eDiscovery firm Discovia was working with a large corporation that was selling off a part of its business. As part of the divestiture, Discovia’s client needed to ensure that the divested organization would not retain any of the parent company’s intellectual property. Discovia sought a solution that could quickly process millions of documents, run searches against those documents, and remove numerous records in a reliable and responsible manner. One more important detail—the client had an aggressive and inflexible deadline to complete the project. Nuix helped Discovia to:

  • Process over 87 million objects stored in terabytes of file shares, Microsoft Exchange public folders, PST files, and live Microsoft SharePoint sites
  • Run searches across the ingested data to identify intellectual property and proprietary file types
  • Delete all instances of the client’s sensitive data and intellectual property in time for the divestiture.

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